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#Fision: Spelling Mistake Trends in Peru

Categories: Latin America, Peru, Citizen Media, Humor, Sport

On the day of the football match [1] between Peru and Colombia for the qualifying stage for the Brazil 2014 Football World Cup [2], a well-known Peruvian artist wrote [3] [es] “fision” instead of “afición” (“supporters” in Spanish) in a tweet where she was repeating a cheer that can be translated as: “Peru is the champion, Peru is the champion, this is what the supporters are yelling”.

The spelling mistake became a trending topic on Twitter with hashtags #fision [4] and #Tula [5].

This text is part of a very popular polka titled “Perú campeón [6]” [es] (Peru is the champion).

The apology came a little later, with another tweet [7] [es] from the artist herself:

@tulagabriela [8]: Acabo de llegar de correr. Es el tontín de mi hermano que agarró mi iPad, Sorry gente.

@tulagabriela [8]: I just got back from jogging. It was my dumb brother who took my iPad, Sorry people.