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Contemporary Indian Art Explored in Video Conversations with Artists

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The Regarding India [1] project is a series of video interviews with Indian artists about their work conducted by Kathryn Myers, a painter and professor of art at the University of Connecticut.

Myers, whose research looks at the art and culture of India, started the project during a Fulbright Fellowship [2] in 2011. Regarding India was inspired [3] by interviews she watched when she was an art student, and was designed to contribute to a course she teaches on Indian art and popular culture. It is also meant to be a resource for anyone interested in contemporary Indian art.

Sixty artists have been interviewed so far, and as the videos are edited they will be uploaded on the Regarding India website.

Artist and filmmaker Sarnath Banerjee [4] is best known as India’s first graphic novelist:

Arpana Caur [5] is a painter whose work explores spiritual themes:

Dinesh Khanna [6] is a well-known photographer:

Krishnaraj Chonat [7] is a sculptor and installation artist, who uses unconventional materials such as sandalwood soap and e-waste:

Thumbnail picture: Screenshot from the interview with Arpana Caur [8].