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“Who Wants to be Prestigious?”

Categories: Latin America, Chile, Ideas

On the blog section [1] [es] of Chilean newspaper El Mercurio [2] [es], columnist Leila Guerriero analyzes the meaning of prestige [3] [es] and notes:

Rock musicians have been smart: ‘rock star’ is one of the few jobs (we'd had to add non-Saxon public servants) where a loss of prestige means an increase of quotation. Almost for every other member of the human race, regardless of their profession, prestige, for some time now, is useful only to estimate the height where they will fall from.

And she concludes:

[…] only a man prepared to lose everything is invulnerable. Only someone who is ready to live without caring about how others look at him/her -and who is ready to design a life accordingly- will be an effective machine, a being that is apt for survival.