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Japan's Pregnancy Handbook Plan Forgets Men

Categories: East Asia, Japan, Citizen Media, Education, Governance, Health, Politics, Women & Gender

To counter the dropping birth rate, the Japanese government is proposing compiling a handbook [1] with information on pregnancy and family planning to educate teenage girls on the subject. This plan to distribute the so-called “women's handbook” has been met with criticism by women's groups, which argue that the issues of pregnancy involve both men and women. A group called All Japan Obachan Party [2] [ja] released a statement [3][ja] on Women Handbook in Kansai dialect [4]:

何にしても、ちょっとなんでもかんでも「女性」に押し付けすぎと違いますやろか?「男性」は何してくれはりますのや? そんなんで、「女性活用」が「成長戦略」になるんかいな?(略) 出産でけへんかったら「女」とちゃいますのか?

Aren't you pushing everything on women? What are men going to do about it [issues of falling birthrate]? You think that's a growth strategy to use women? (…) How about people who cannot bear children? Does that make them less of a woman?