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Stop Somonizing Tajikistan!

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Tajikistan, Citizen Media, History

As authorities in Tajikistan continue their rush to replace Soviet-era Lenin statues [1] with ones of national icon Ismail Somoni [2], blogger Tomiris provides [3] [ru] a powerful argument against monument monoculture:

It is a pity that instead of the ‘Leninization’ of the monument space we now have its ‘Somonization’. Every town erects a Somoni statue. How much more can we take? Why do we need so many identical monuments? Somoni might have been a heroic figure (which is impossible to ascertain now because the country's history is excessively ideological and politicized), but we should not turn him into a new Lenin, a ‘father’ or ‘grandfather’ of the nation.