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Costa Rican Blogger (Almost) Meets Obama

Categories: Latin America, Costa Rica, U.S.A., Citizen Media, Humor, International Relations

While Laura [Chinchilla [1]] was talking, at one point he [Obama] turned and looked toward my direction. I took the opportunity and put on my best smile and raised my hat as a greeting. With my other hand I was holding his book over my chest. And you know what? He saw me. He said hello with his eyes. Either that or he was very amused with my hat.

In a series of posts [2] [es], Sole from the blog Anchas Alamedas shares a lighthearted account of her experience at the press conference with U.S. president Barack Obama and Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla. In one of her posts [3] she lists possible things she would tell Obama, like: “So you have read the Anchas Alamedas [4]? Oh, please stop, you are making me blush!”