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‘Uzbek Princess’ in Social Media

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Uzbekistan, Citizen Media, Media & Journalism

Gulnara Karimova [1], the daughter of the infamous President Islam Karimov [2] of Uzbekistan, is very different from the children of the leaders of other countries in Central Asia. A Harvard graduate, she has served as Uzbekistan's ambassador to UN in Geneva. She has also launched [3] a pop singing career, a fashion line, a perfume, and a charity. Karimova is also very active in social media, and her provocative Twitter posts and photos shared on Instagram often raise eyebrows among the mostly conservative audiences in Uzbekistan and other countries in the region. Blogger Ayana Seidimbek presents [4] [ru, en] a collection of the most controversial posts and images the ‘Uzbek princess’ has shared in social media.