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Police Besiege Barcelona District in the Run Up to May 1st

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The day before May 1st, the International Day of Workers, during a protest in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, organised by Endavant (a socialist organisation for national freedom) under the slogan “Against the dictatorship of the euro: popular sovereignty [1]” , a hundred protestors went through the district's streets peacefully followed throughout the entire route by 280 riot police, heavily armed with anti-gas masks and shotguns, as well as more than 100 policemen. A total of 40 police vans took to the district causing outrage amongst the community.

Photo of Grácia. Used with permission. [2]

Photo of Grácia. Used with permission.

The group 15mbcntv [3] has produced a satirical video condemning the police occupancy of the district:

Policemen in Vila de Gràcia. Photo by @SiitoMellark. Used with permission.

Policemen in Vila de Gràcia. Photo by @SiitoMellark. Used with permission.

Immediately social networks and blogs [4] were the platform for opinions and comments against the display of force from the new Interior Advisor of the Catalan Government, Ramón Espadaler, and the hashtag #manibrimo [5] [protestRiotforce] was created.

@FacuDiazT [6]Llenar un barrio de antidisturbios el día antes del 1 de mayo. La cultura del miedo. #maniBRIMO [7] pic.twitter.com/Xx2LrkuGN2 [8]
@FacuDiazT [6]Fill a district with riot police the day before May Day. The culture of Fear. #maniBRIMO [7] pic.twitter.com/Xx2LrkuGN2 [8]
@vergman [9]Los mossos demuestran con #ManiBrimo [10] y con sus actos el #1demayo [11] que tienen más presupuesto del que necesitan.
@vergman [9]The squads display through the #ManiBrimo [10] and their #1demayo [11] [MayDay] actions that they have a bigger budget than necessary.
@Informatica_CGT [12]Desfile de los starship troopers de Mossos. Más que miedo, la verdad es que dan un poco de lastimilla http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS4m9SUe9kQ [13] #maniBRIMO [7]

@Informatica_CGT [12]The police Starship Troopers march in. More than fear, you feel a little bit sorry for them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS4m9SUe9kQ [13] #maniBRIMO [7]

*Cover photo taken and made available by Sergio Picón [2].