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Brazilian Cartoonist Inspires Kissing Protest

Mockup by Leonardo Maciel. Charges by Laerte/ Proféticos/ Vida de Suporte/Os Levados da Breca/Nabunda Nada/RyotIras/Peixe Aquático/Juventude Perigosa/WIll Tirando/Tiras da Jeh/Talco e Show/O Diário de Virgínia/Chairim/Mulher de 30/Mentirinhas/Como EuRealmente.../Tirinhas do Zé/Esboçais/ Clara Gavilan/Lobo Limão/Maurício Rett/ Meus Nervos!/Sapo Brothers (CC BY 3.0)

Mockup by Leonardo Maciel. Full credits on Solon Maia's blog. (CC BY 3.0)

Images of people kissing went viral on Facebook, blogs and Twitter in Brazil, under the hashtags #beijaço (protest by kissing) and #Laerte. Strips by Laerte published on Folha de São Paulo newspaper, triggered the ‘protest by kissing’ against the anti-gay preacher Marco Feliciano, recently elected Brazil Human Rights Committee Head.

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