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RSF Addresses the Situation at Ukraine's TVi Channel

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On April 26, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) issued a statement [en [1]; fr [2]; uk – .pdf [3]] on the situation at the Ukrainian TV station TVi:

Reporters Without Borders condemns the sudden change of management at the opposition TV station TVi [4], announced three days ago, and is disturbed to learn that ensuing internal disputes have resulted in broadcasting being suspended. […]

Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Nayyem (@mefimus), who is quoted in RSF's statement as one of TVi's presenters, tweeted [5] [ru] (and, later, wrote [6] [ru] on Facebook) that the statement has been shared 3.6 million times on Facebook. This unlikely figure, however, is displayed on many other RSF's texts right now, and is most likely the result of a technical error. A number of Facebook users have already pointed that out to Nayyem, noting, as user Volodymyr Dzoban did [7] [uk], that the true interest in the story is reflected by the number of retweets (currently, 34).