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#FLISOL 2013: Hundreds of Latin Americans Installing Free Software

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Flisol 2013 Banner.

Flisol 2013 Banner.

From the Patagonia to Havana, hundreds of computer users across Latin America are choosing freedom over control by installing free software [1] on their computers [2]. On April 27th, groups of free software enthusiasts will be installing free software in dozens of cities across Latin America as part of FLISOL [3][es], the Latin American free software installation festival.

Over 20 countries will participate this year, including Argentina [4], Bolivia, [5] Brazil [6], Chile [7], Colombia [8], Costa Rica [9], Cuba [10], Ecuador [11], El Salvador [12], Guatemala [13], Honduras [14], Mexico [15], Nicaragua [16], Panama [17], Paraguay, [18] Peru [19], Dominican Republic [20], Uruguay [21], and Venezuela. [22] Even Spain is joining [23] the Festival [all es].

The installation festival is one of the largest simultaneous activities taking place in the region. It is volunteer based, with hundreds of experts donating time and resources. You can follow the FLISOL Tweets, in Spanish, Portuguese or geek here. [24]