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“Manipulative” Coverage of Macedonia's Media Law

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Macedonia, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Law, Media & Journalism, Politics

“Practice indicates that responsible and ethical journalism is never the result of state legislation and regulations, but of the voluntary compliance with the code created by the media community itself.”

This statement from the Guide on Ethics in Journalism [1] [mk] opens ┼Żarko Trajanoski's analysis [2] [en] of the “manipulations” by Macedonia's “pro-government journalists” who “fanatically support and promote [the proposed Media Law [3]].” The English-language version of Trajanovski's text was published by Metamorphosis: Foundation for Internet and Society (@fmeta [4]), and it is also available in Macedonian [5] and in Albanian [6]. One of Trajanoski's conclusions is that “the most vigorous advocates for the adoption of a new Media Law since 2011 are exactly the journalists and editors flagrantly violating the ethical norms of the journalist code.”