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Chronicles of the Unemployed in Greece

Categories: Western Europe, Greece, Labor, Media & Journalism

Journalist and author Christoforos Kasdaglis started The Diary of an Unemployed [1] [el], a project to collect stories [2] [el] and data [3] [el] on Greek unemployment, consistently driven to record figures [4] for years on end by the debt and austerity crisis. 27% of Greeks were jobless in January [5], a rate that has tripled since the crisis began in 2009, while youth unemployment is reaching 60%. More than 120,000 Greeks [6] are estimated to have left the country since the crisis began.

Yannis Mouzakis blogged about the Greek labor market, austerity’s biggest casualty [7] last January, while Spyros Gkelis put the unemployment data in perspective:

@northaura [8]: So, by the time you need to read this tweet and my previous two tweets for unemployment in #Greece 2 people will have lost their jobs