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Give the Egyptian President a Bath!

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Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has left a stench – on Twitter. Blogger and activist Nawara Negm started the hash tag #حموا_الرئيس [1] [ar], which translates to “Give the President a Bath, after reading in a Lebanese newspaper that some German officials complained about Morsi's body odour to the Egyptian foreign ministry.

She tweets [ar]:

الرئيس لما راح المانيا بعض المسئولين بلغوا الخارجية المصرية انها لازم تنبه مرسي ان ريحته مش حلوة

@nawaranegm: [2] When the President visited Germany some officials informed the Egyptian foreign affairs ministry to alert Morsi that his smell is not nice

This tweet was retweeted 110 times, starting a discussion on the, well, the President's smell.

According to Al Khabr News [3]:

اشتكى رؤساء دول قابلوا الرئيس المصري محمد مرسي أنه ليس نظيفاً وان الرائحة التي تصدر عنه هي كريهة، ولذلك أبلغوا مدير المراسم في القصر الجمهوري ليلفت نظر الرئيس مرسي الى الموضوع.

A number of heads of state who have met with the Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi have complained that he is not clean and that a bad smell emits from him. This is why they have informed the head of protocol at the Presidential Palace to draw the president's attention to this matter.

Negm advices the the president:

هو ممكن يكون بخيل، طب يعني ده فص شبة وليفة وصابونة نابلسي وكلونيا خمس خمسات حتى.. بدل الفضيحة الدولية دي

@nawaranegm [4]: He might be stingy but he could at least used shabba (an astringent), a loofah (sponge), Nabulsi soap [5], or the 555 cologne and avoided this international scandal

Alyaa Gad picks up the thread, advising Morsi to lose his extra pounds.

زيادة الوزن والكرش يعطل وظائف الكبد وأهمها قدرته على تخليص الجسم من السموم- اللي ريحتها معفنة- فيسافر عبيرنا المهبب عبر القارات!

@AlyaaGad: [6] The increase in weight and the bulging stomache effect the functioning of the liver, most importantly its ability to rid the body of poisons, which smell rotten. This is why its stench travels across continents.

Meanwhile, the jokes continue on Twitter.

@mazzahi tweets:

صاحي من النوم كسلان ومش قادر اقوم اخد دش الصباح, الظاهر عندي أعراض #مرسي! #حموا_الرئيس وحمووووني :))

@mazzahi: [7] I just woke up from bed too exhausted to have my morning shower. It seems that I have Morsi's symptoms. Give the president a bath and me too!

Elham adds:

حموا_الرئيس الجدع دا اكثر واحد اتهزأ في سبعة شهور ياحرام

@inspiration_k: [8] This man has been ridiculed more than anyone else over the past seven months. Poor thing!

And Omar Mitkees asks:

حموا_الرئيس و لا لسه?

@o_mitkees: [9] Have they given the president a bath or not yet?