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You're Sponsoring Neonazis on Greek TV!

Categories: Western Europe, Greece, Digital Activism, Ethnicity & Race, Human Rights, Migration & Immigration, Protest

@northaura [1]#xa_advertising [2] is about a twitter movement protest by email in #Greece [3] to push advertisers off ever again supporting pro-neonazi TV shows.

Blogger @ypopto_mousi [4] started a campaign to inform the sponsors [5] [el] of a highly controversial SKAI TV panel [6] featuring four neonazi Golden Dawn MPs [7], that they are sponsoring hate speech. The blogger is urging netizens to email advertising companies, providing sample emails [8] [el] and addresses of advertising companies, while blogging [9] [el] and posting regular updates on Twitter on the campaign's results under the hashtag #xa_advertising [2].