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Greek Government Shutters Athens Indymedia

Categories: Western Europe, Greece, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Politics, Protest

A leading alternative news site in Greece, Athens Indymedia announced [1] it was being suppressed by Greek judicial authorities [2], along with two radio stations, and provided a Tor link [3] [el] for alternate access. Potmos asserted on the significance of the site for independent news in Greece:

@potmos [4]: Fast and accurate info posted on Athens #Indymedia led to life sentence for cop who murdered 15yo Alex. Grigoropoulos in 2008.

The site had been hosted on Athens Polytechnic servers, and had become a frequent point of contention in the past, as right-wing politicians campaigned to close it down, accusing it of anti-state incitement. Conservative MP Adonis Georgiadis, who has led the latest calls to shut the site down even congratulated [5] [el] the Public Order Minister Dendias in a tweet. Athens Indymedia was also blocked in September 2012 [6] [el], and its administrators were arrested.