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Greek Government Shutters Athens Indymedia

A leading alternative news site in Greece, Athens Indymedia announced it was being suppressed by Greek judicial authorities, along with two radio stations, and provided a Tor link [el] for alternate access. Potmos asserted on the significance of the site for independent news in Greece:

@potmos: Fast and accurate info posted on Athens #Indymedia led to life sentence for cop who murdered 15yo Alex. Grigoropoulos in 2008.

The site had been hosted on Athens Polytechnic servers, and had become a frequent point of contention in the past, as right-wing politicians campaigned to close it down, accusing it of anti-state incitement. Conservative MP Adonis Georgiadis, who has led the latest calls to shut the site down even congratulated [el] the Public Order Minister Dendias in a tweet. Athens Indymedia was also blocked in September 2012 [el], and its administrators were arrested.


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  • YK

    All mentioned in this post is true. What is omitted though is clarifying that Athens Indymedia has been the voice of anarchism in Athens and furthermore has been regularly and openly inviting its audience in acts of violence. Athens Indymedia has managed to corner itself in a position where Greek authorities were given an excellent excuse to take it down.

    • That’s an interesting point. Do you think that the two radio stations shut down by the Greek government also incited violence?

      • YK

        Read my post again, carefully this time

        • While Golden Dawn happily destroys the name of Greece throughout the civilised world.

  • kitsos

    the part where the author says: “Athens Indymedia was also blocked in September 2012 [el], and its administrators were arrested.” its not true. Indymedia indeed was blocked for a few days but not a single person ever got arrested in greece with the accusation that he/she was the adminstrator of athens indymedia.

    please be responsible with your publications.

    a friend of indymedia athens collective, greece

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  • Perhaps if Greece tried to be honest in it’s International dealings, and how it works with it’s citizens, it would be taken more seriously. At the moment, Greece can provide a little olive oil, a lot of hookers, a few nice beaches, and packs of lies to it’s International partners, who seem to increasingly, be victims of Greece, as opposed to partners.

    • Victimised by Greece?? Is the executioner complaining that the victim’s blood stained his shoes?? Have a look at the nice fat profits in the form of interest that the main lending banks have been getting…let alone exclusive rights to greek resources, oil, gold etc etc… You may choose to believe what you want, but should you choose to believe the propaganda that is being fed to you by your government (while they fool you too out of your taxes) you are no less responsible for the destruction of Greeks…

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