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Syria: Tweeting from the Frontline in Aleppo

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Journalist Jenan Moussa is back in Aleppo, Syria, tweeting her experiences as the war between pro- and anti-government forces intensifies. Moussa's tweets are raw and personal, giving readers a snippet of what life is like for those caught in the crossfire.

Moussa, who is a roving reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV, Dubai, UAE, observes:

@jenanmoussa [1]: Its great to be back in #Aleppo & meet all my friends. City seems much better than last time I was here. People adapted to war.

Dinner, in Aleppo, is accompanied by the sounds of mortars falling in the distance:

@jenanmoussa [2]: It's dinner time here in #Aleppo. We are having Mexicana chicken as sound of mortars echoes at a distance.

After a night in the city, Moussa wonders:

@jenanmoussa: [3] Morning from #Aleppo. I couldn't sleep till 6 am. Everytime I closed my eyes I imagined bombs falling. God, how do ppl stay sane?

In Aleppo, she visits the site where a Scud missile fell some 45 days earlier. She tweets:

@jenanmoussa [4]: Earlier today I went to site where SCUD missile fell 45 days ago in #Aleppo. 6 bodies are still missing under rubble

Jenan Moussa in Aleppo [5]

Jenan Moussa in Aleppo, at the site where a Scud missile fell 45 days earlier. Photograph shared by @jenanmoussa [6] on Twitter

@jenanmoussa [7]: In #Aleppo I saw a father sitting on rubble, tears in his eyes. He's still looking for bodies of his 2 beautiful daughters & wife

@jenanmoussa [8]: While I was w/ him, father found slippers of a child & handful of hair ( woman's hair) under rubble. ‘Maybe it's my wife’ he told me

Despite the stressful situation, Moussa maintains her humour:

@jenanmoussa [9]: Activists here in #Aleppo laugh at me. I am sometimes only one wearing my flak jacket in house. They are used to the sounds of war.

And then goes to sleep without dinner:

@jenanmoussa: [10] We didn't have dinner tonight. Also no shower. Not a necessity in a city like #Aleppo. Good night you all.