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Peace Demonstrations Kick Off in Colombia

Categories: Latin America, Colombia, Citizen Media, Human Rights, War & Conflict
Foto compartida por el usuario @CrisferMartin en Twitter: "Acá se madruga por la PAZ #AhoraSiLaPaz [1]

Photo shared by Twitter user @CrisferMartin: “Here people get up early for PEACE #AhoraSiLaPaz”

Colombians are participating in demonstrations scheduled [2] for today, April 9, in support of the peace talks [3] between the government and FARC [4]. They are also remembering [5] the murder of presidential candidate Jorge Eliecer Gaitán [6], whose killing -65 years ago today- kicked off a wave of violence [7] that has not ceased. You can follow reports and reactions under FARC [8], Gaitán [9]#9deAbrilporlaPaz [10] [April 9 for peace], #Ahorasílapaz [11][Now peace], and #SomosGeneracióndePaz [12][We are a generation of peace] on Twitter.