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A Platform for Middle East's Indie Musicians

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Music for a better future. Screenshot from Mideast Tunes' Indigeo campaign video.

Music for a better future. Screenshot from Mideast Tunes’ Indiego campaign video.

The revolutions and popular upheavals which have swept the Middle East generated an undreamed-of amount and diversity of arts. Music is one of them, and the digital music industry [1] is on the rise. More importantly, underground bands have been burgeoning over the last two years. An ambitious project — Mideast Tunes — has taken the challenge to showcase underground musicians from the region, and have kicked off a crowd-funding campaign to sustain [2] the endeavour. At Mideast Tunes, ‘Music for Social Change’, “[w]e believe music CAN CHANGE THE WORLD and that the musicians of the Middle East and North Africa will lead the way.”