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‘Good Morning Earth!': Tweets from Space

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, North America, Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Latvia, Russia, Citizen Media, Photography, Science, Technology, Travel

split [1]Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield [2]), a Canadian astronaut “currently living in space aboard ISS as Commander of [Expedition 35 [3]],” has been tweeting his amazing photos of the Earth daily¬†since Dec. 2012 [4].

The Central and Eastern Europe locations featured in Hadfield's tweets include Lake Baikal, Russia [5] – “immensely old and deep, it holds one-fifth of all the Earth's fresh water”; Riga, Latvia [6] – “with the outflowing Daugava River holding the Gulf ice at bay”; Minsk, Belarus [7] – “hometown of happy [crewmate Oleg Novitsky [8]]”; and Split, Croatia [1] – “a fine natural harbor on the gorgeously rugged Adriatic coast” (see photo above).