“Palestine in the Heart” of a Uruguayan Activist

Uruguayan activist and journalist María Landi shares her reports on Palestine in her blog Palestina en el corazón [es] (Palestine in the heart). Radio Mundo Real [es] recently interviewed Landi on current events in Palestine.

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  • The term “human rights activist” has been widely in vogue recently
    in the Palestinian context.

    Activists claim to be humanist in general, or acting on
    behalf of Palestinians in particular. However, their very own actions will
    often demonstrate the opposite.

    The following questions will aid in determining who is “for

    As a person concerned with human rights, have you ever spoken
    out against the genocide and atrocities committed by Arab Sudanese against the Darfur
    and South Sudanese?

    Have you spoken out against the grave human rights
    violations by Islamists in Northern Mali? The genocide in Rwanda? The mass
    rapes and massacres in Eastern Congo?

    No? Well, perhaps you are only concerned about human rights
    violations when the victims are Muslim?

    Have you spoken out against the Russian massacre of 30,000
    Chechens? The Alawite massacre of tens of thousands of Sunni Syrians? The
    amputations and decapitations in Saudi Arabia?

    No? Well, perhaps you are solely concerned about Palestinians?

    Have you said anything about the slaughter of 3,000
    Palestinians by Christian Phalangists in Sabra and Shatila? About the Jordanian
    massacre of more than 3,000 Palestinians during Black September? The ethnic
    cleansing of some 400,000 Palestinians from Kuwait after the first Iraq war? The
    ongoing murder of Palestinians by the Syrian regime in Yarmouk and elsewhere in
    Syria? The extreme hardship and displacement of tens of thousands of
    Palestinians in Syria?

    Have you?

    When Netanyahu recently offered to resettle Palestinians
    from Syria to the West Bank, and Abbas refused, did you speak out against this inhumane
    refusal? Did you call out on Abbas to save the lives of thousands of
    Palestinians and drop his insistence on using them for his political goals?

    Did you?

    Recently, Netanyahu decided to build in E-1, a two-mile
    stretch that connects the Jerusalem suburb of Ma’ale Adumim to the rest of
    Jerusalem. The housing will be available indiscriminately to all Israeli
    citizens—Arab, Jew, Christian and Muslim—irrespective of color or creed. The
    area will not be closed off uniquely to Jews, as Abbas wants.

    The construction will provide jobs to thousands of Palestinians,
    and include a road connecting the northern and southern West Bank, a road that
    has never existed, a road that will facilitate Palestinian movement.

    Netanyahu’s announcement was described by many “human rights
    activists” as a crime against humanity, an apartheid racist action, and as a grave
    human rights violation. Did you rebuke these “activists” for sacrificing
    Palestinian welfare yet again on the altar of Israel bashing?

    If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then in
    front of you stands a true human rights activist.

    If the answers are ‘no,’ then this humanist is merely
    involved in the rejection of the Jews’ right to self-determination, which may
    lead to events such as the ones brilliantly depicted in Jonathan Bloomfield’s
    award-winning thriller, “Palestine.”

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