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Iran's President Says “Chavez Will Return with Christ”

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President Ahmadinejad, in his message of condolences for Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez [1], published on his official website, referred to [2] President Chavez as a “Martyr of service to the people of Venezuela, who died as a result of
a suspicious death.” Ahmadinejad added, “I have no doubt Chavez will return with Jesus Christ and all the other righteous ones,” referring to the Hidden Imam [3] who some in Islam consider to be the future savior of mankind.

Ahmadinejad was criticized for this message [4]both by netizens and by Ahmad Khatami, a leading conservative figure within the regime.

Damavandieh writes [5] [fa]:

Iranian youth were killed, an earth quake hit the Azerbaijan province, people who served this country died, but the government did not announce a national day of mourning, even while Iranians were mourning. Now Chavez died… and all of a sudden the government announces a national day of mourning. From the moment he died, Iranians sent SMS messages to each other making jokes about him

Ahmadinejad presents Chavez as a Shi'ite Saint. Mana Neyestani in Roozonline [6]

Ahmadinejad presents Chavez as a Shi'ite Saint. Mana Neyestani in Roozonline (used with permission)

Azadi quotes Iranian media who say that Ahmadinejad called Venezuela’s vice president one month ago and said [7] [fa] he prays to God for Chavez’s health. The blogger says with irony that hopefully Ahmadinejad is citing the same prayer for Ali Khamenei [the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader].

Azarmehr has quoted [2] from one part of Ahmadinejad’s message about the death of Chavez and published several photos of late Venezulean president together with Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s former dictator and an arch foe of Iran and Mohammad Khatami, the former reformist president.

Challenger published [8][fa] Chavez photos dancing with two sexy dancers and asks whether these two will also return with Christ and the Hidden Imam.

Tweatter writes [9] he hopes Chavez does not wait too long to come back.

1376 executions says [10] [fa]:

If one day Iran and Italy were to develop strong ties, the Iranian government would say the same thing about former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, that this womanizer will come back with Christ.