Peru Lights Up Social Media During Blackout

Minutes after noon on Sunday, March 3, 2013, many districts in the Peruvian capital, Lima, were affected by a sudden interruption of electricity [es].

According to the reports by one of the firms that distributes electric power in the city, there was a failure on an electric substation located in the Limean district of San Juan de Miraflores, operated by the Peru Energy Network, and that source wasn't supplying energy. Later that same day, electric power started to be gradually restored in Lima.

Twitter users turned to the microblogging network to voice their opinions during the blackout with the hashtag #apagón [blackout].

Luis Jaime Cisneros (@ljcisneros) [es] announced just minutes after the electrical service was interrupted:

@ljcisneros: colapsó web de #Luzdelsur [empresa distribuidora del servicio eléctrico] en Lima donde un apagón dejó a más de cuatro millones sin energía eléctrica desde las 12h20.

@ljcisneros [es]: the website of #Luzdelsur [firm that distributes electrical service] is down in Lima where a blackout has more than four million people without electrical energy since 12h20.

Pedro Alva (@Pedro1am) [es] asks ironically:

@Pedro1am: Y dónde está el filósofo q dice q aprovechemos el #APAGÓN para conversar c/familia, leer, etc… Seguro tuitea desde máquina de escribir,no?

@Pedro1am [es]: Where is that philosopher that says we should make the most of the #APAGÓN to talk with the family, read, etc… He surely tweets from his typewriter, doesn't he?

Remembering times when constant blackouts affected main Peruvian cities  and indirectly referring to the upcoming the recall referendum on Limean mayoress Susana Villarán, Eduardo Primatus (@DuchoDepe) [es] tweeted:

@DuchoDepe: Y volvimos a las epocas del Apra, de [expresidente] Alan García, de Panzones… Ok NO. Estamos en la Gran Transformación… #Apagón

@DuchoDepe [es]: And we are back to the [political party] Apra times, to [ex President] Alan García, to the potbellied… Ok NO. We are living the Big Transformation… #Apagón

Foto de Victor Romero Valladares, bajo licencia Creative Commons  (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Photo by Victor Romero Valladares, with Creative Commons ilcence (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Pointing to a current online phenomenon, Alejandro Muchotrigo (@oLets) [es] speculates:

@oLets: Están grabando Harlem Shake versión Luz del Sur #apagon #luzdelsur

@oLets [es]: They are recording Harlem Shake Luz del Sur version. #apagon #luzdelsur

Meanwhile, José Felipe Llamosas (@Josfel767) [es] mentions a reality many people ignore, or prefer to ignore:

@Josfel767: Se quejan del #Apagón en [los distritos lemañis de] Miraflores y San Isidro y no piensan que en el #Perú existen pueblo que aún no conocen esa palabra Y NO SE QUEJAN.

@Josfel767 [es]: They are complaining about the #Apagón in [Limean districts of] Miraflores and San Isidro and they don't realize that in #Peru there are towns where the word is unknown and there they ARE NOT COMPLAINING.

Franco (@SoyMuyFranco) [es] forecasts:

@SoyMuy Franco: Dios, bendice a los que tienen Blackberry o Galaxy Mini. En unos minutos se les muere la batería #Apagon.

@SoyMuy Franco [es]: May God bless those who own a Blackberry or Galaxy Mini. In a few minutes their batteries will have died. #Apagon.

He also wonders:

@SoyMuyFranco: ¿Cómo estarán viviendo el apagón los famosos?

@SoyMuyFranco [en]: How may the rich and famous be facing the blackout?

On the eve of the first day of school, a school supplies firm (@MundoArtesco) [es] suggests:

@MundoArtesco: ¿Por qué no pintamos algo mientras regresa la luz? ;) #apagón

@MundoArtesco [es]: Why don't we make some paintings while we wait for the energy to come back? ;) #apagón

Pedro Querebalú (@SoloPedrito) [es] is proud of the precautions he already took:

@SoloPedrito: Y son en estos momentos en los que se siente tan bien tener una MacBook Pro con 8 horas de batería y un plan de datos de 5GB #lalala #apagón

@SoloPedrito [es]: And these are the times when you feel good about having a MacBook Pro with 8-hour duration battery and 5GB data plan #lalala #apagón

Lastly, ViveCASABLANCA (@ViveCASABLANCA) [es] makes a suggestion, valid for everyone:

@ViveCASABLANCA: #CONSEJO Recuerde mantener en casa linternas recargables o a pilas y en lo posible una radio. Bidones de Agua. En caso de #SISMO o #APAGON

@ViveCASABLANCA: #CONSEJO [Advice] Remember to keep at home rechargeable or battery powered flashlights, and if possible a radio. Water jerrycans. in case of #SISMO [earthquake] or #APAGON.

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