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Violence Holding Youth Hostage in Guinea

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Guinea, Citizen Media, Elections, Ethnicity & Race, Governance, History, Human Rights, Labor, Law, Politics, Protest, War & Conflict, Youth

Diallo Thierno Sadou [1] [fr] analyzes the political situation in Guinea where violence erupted between police forces and the opposition [2] since February, 27. The fightings has led to multiple casualties and lootings in the capital city Conakry. The current governor of the city, officer Sékou Resco Camara [fr] [3], was charged in October 2010 with commiting “Acts of torture”. Diallo writes about the current administration [fr] [4]:

They must take notice that their biggest problem now is the unemployed, destitute youth without a hope for a better tomorrow. This youth has nothing to lose anymore and is ready to fight for better governance, an independent justice system, free and transparent elections and paying jobs.