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In Burning Rage for Water, Iran Farmers Take On Security Forces

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An anonymous video on YouTube shows angry farmers from eastern part of Isfahan [1] in Iran on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 among burning busses in ongoing protests against water shortages. There are credible reports of clashes with security forces, but detailed information is limited and official media is silent.

Another video shows that only days earlier, farmers busted open a water pipe carrying water from Zayanderood [2] to Yazd [3] as part of their protest for access to water which is vital to the survival of their crops.

Iranglobal reports [4] that the farmers had been protesting for at least one month about their lack of resources, but received no official response to their demands.

Angry farmers burn busses in Isfahan

Angry farmers burn busses in Isfahan. Screenshot from video.

There are some photos and video from the farmers protest on Zayanderood [5] on Facebook.

Burned busses

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6kaoUaanpE&feature=player_detailpage [6]

Five dead?

Sasemadehy says [7] unconfirmed reports [8] speak of five deaths and several injured in clashes with security forces. The government has allegedly cut off communications from Khurasgaran in Isfahan and has sent more security forces to repress farmers.

Breaking the water pipe

Protests appear to have become more forceful after February 22 when the water pipe was broken.