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Brazil: Condos Upstage Protected Dunes

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Environment, Protest
Ato em defesa das dunas do Cocó, realizado no Parque Estadual do Cocó, em Fortaleza, dia 16 de fevereiro de 2013. Foto publicada pelo perfil Dunas do Cocó no Facebook. [1]

Protest in defence of Cocó dunes, 16/02/2013, Fortaleza. Photo: Dunas do Cocó on Facebook.

The approval of the construction of 14 residential blocks in the dunes of the Coco River provoked outrage in Fortaleza, Brazil. A petition [2] [pt] has reached 5,000 signatures and two acts were organized via Facebook [3]. In 2009, an Area of Relevant Ecological Interest [4] was created at the Dunes of Coco to protect the site after denouncements [5] of a real estate project by the movement Save the Coco Dunes.