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Argentinian Politician's Cryptic Tweet Leaves Internet Guessing

Written by Laura SchneiderTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 15 February 2013 @ 21:15 pm | No Comments

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Dr. Hermes Binner - foto: Laura Schneider

Dr. Hermes Binner – Photo: Laura Schneider

Incumbent president of the Socialist Party [1] in Argentina and former presidential candidate in the latest election, Dr. Hermes Binner [2], tweeted a mysterious string of letters from his Twitter account that became a trending topic.

The tweet has already been deleted, but local media as well as Infobae [3] [en] published the image of the message:

Un tipeo sin sentido, sólo con las letras “Obvnzfhnhxds” llevaron a Hermes Binner a convertirse en Trending Topic global, el tema más comentado en la red social twitter en el mundo la tarde de este jueves.

A senseless typing, just the characters “Obvnzfhnhxds“, made Hermes Binner a global Trending Topic, the most commented topic on the social network Twitter in the world on Thursday [February 14].

And from there, starting with the message from @HermesBinner [4], Argentinian Twitter users tried to understand the tweet #Obvñzfhnhxds [5], just as Wascapp (@MatiRiedel [6]) did, who wrote [7] [es]:

@MatiRiedel [7]: Dicen q. si decís #Obvñzfhnhxds [8] 3 veces frente al espejo, te aparece Binner y el gato que tiene en la cabeza te salta a la cara y te asfixia

@MatiRiedel [7]: It's been said, if you say #Obvñzfhnhxds [8] three times in front of a mirror, Binner appears and the cat he has over his head jumps to your face and suffocates you.

According to Relatos del Presente (@RelatoDPresente [9]), the tweet is a way of conquering the electorate [10] [es]:

@RelatoDPresente [10]: Está bien que @HermesBinner [4] quiera conquistar al electorado ultrakirchnerista, pero con esto de #Obvñzfhnhxds [8] se pasó de rosca [se pasó de la raya].

@RelatoDPresente [10]: It's OK if @HermesBinner [4] wants to conquer the ultrakirchnerist electorate, but with this #Obvñzfhnhxds [8] he went too far.

Nicolás Lichtmaier (@Niqueco [11]) proposed [12] [es] organizing a march with banners and the hashtag #Obvñzfhnhxds [5]. On the other hand, journalist Jorge Lanata (@lanataenel13 [13]) said (the tweet has already been deleted):

@lanataenel13 [14]: Ustedes se ríen, pero #Obvñzfhnhxds [8] es lo más inteligente que le he escuchado a Binner en años…

@lanataenel13 [14]: You are all laughing, but #Obvñzfhnhxds [8] is the smartest thing I've heard from Binner in a while…

Among the speculative messages, @lelulandia [15] alluded to Valentines's Day, tweeting [16] [es]:

@lelulandia [16]: Entre tanta boludez romántica, lo más interesante que leí el día de hoy es#Obvñzfhnhxds [8].

@lelulandia [16]: Among all this romantic crap, the most interesting thing I've read today is #Obvñzfhnhxds [8].

Lastly, from his Twitter account [4], Hermes Binner concluded:

@HermesBinner [17]: Errar es humano, perdonar es divino. Gracias por estar tan atentos #Obvñzfhnhxds [8]

@HermesBinner [17]: To err is human, to forgive is divine. Thank you all for paying attention so closely. #Obvñzfhnhxds [8]

The trend went beyond [5] [es] Argentinian borders.

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