3 February 2013

Stories from 3 February 2013

Paraguay: Presidential Candidate Dies in Helicopter Crash

  3 February 2013

The blog Camino al Paraguay reports [es] about the helicopter crash where Paraguayan presidential candidate Lino Oviedo died on Saturday, February 2: […] when the helicopter where he was traveling after a political event crashed on Saturday night, as reported by the local press. Paraguayan rescue workers confirmed having found...

Russia's Internet Censorship “Experiment”

RuNet Echo  3 February 2013

A Russian federal region is about to embark on an "experimental" project aimed at censoring the internet. A joint effort by the Kostroma regional government and an NGO called the League of Safe Internet, it is similar in spirit to Russia's new internet blacklist.

China: Cartoon-Costumed Migrant Workers Protest Unpaid Wages

  3 February 2013

Many migrant workers in China only get paid at year-end when the work is done. Unfortunately, their wages are often delayed. As they lack resources for legal help in China, some try different ways to get attention online. On Jan 31, five migrant workers dressed as cartoons to seek help....

Brazil Without Make-up

  3 February 2013

Brazilian LGBT activist @Rafucko posted a video on Youtube introducing the website “Brazil without make-up“. The initiative aims at demystifying many Brazilian stereotypes while criticizing the government of the city and state of Rio de Janeiro for the lies told on the preparation of the World Cup 2014.

Ecuador: Humour and Election Time

  3 February 2013

Humour, satire and a few fines are all part of the environment experienced in Ecuador just a few weeks away from the public choosing their new president, vice-president and other assembly members, after analyzing each of their proposals.