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Morsi Courts Merkel while Unrest Continues in Egypt

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A Photoshopped picture of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi kissing German Chancellor Angela Merkel went viral, drawing ridicule from netizens, who criticised Morsi for traveling abroad at a time when his country was facing unrest. Online, Egyptians were quick to dismiss the photograph as unreal but were also dismissive of Morsi and his policies.

Eman Hashim writes:

دى يا جماعة الصورة الأصلية الى اتركب عليها وش #مرسى واتقال انه باسها.احنا مش طايقينه اه بس الكذب ده شغلة الاخوان

@EmanHashim [1]: This is the original photograph that was Photoshopped with Morsi's face and where they said he kissed her. We don't like him but lying is the work of the [Muslim] Brotherhood.

She shares the real picture [1], which shows Merkel with French president Nicolas Sarkozi.

The Photoshopped picture of Morsi kissing Merkel that went viral [2]

The Photoshopped picture of Morsi kissing Merkel that went viral

Belal Fadl notes:

صورة ميركل وهي بتبوس مرسي مضروبة ويتوقع صدور بيان عن ميركل تقول إنها ألمانية مؤمنة بالعلم ولا تؤمن بالنحس

@belalfadl [3]: The photograph of Merkel kissing Morsi is fake and we expect a statement of Merkel saying that she is a German, who believes in science, and does not believe in bad luck

And Hatem Ghaleb says:

الراديو الألمانى بيتريقوا على مرسى وبيقولوا إنه للأسف هيضطر يقابل ست مش محجبة ويسمع رأيها النهاردة. ميركل. صباح الخير

@HFGhaleb [4]: The German radio is making fun of Morsi and say that he would unfortunately have to meet a woman who doesn't wear that hijab and listen to her opinions. Good morning Merkel.

On YouTube, Alaa Ali posts a video with interviews of people from all walks of life criticising Morsi:


And on Twitter, Mohammed Maree elaborates more on why Morsi is not faring well. In a series of tweets, he says:

مرسى يكذب فى مصر ويكذب فى ألمانيا – سيظل يكذب ثم يكذب ثم يكذب دون خجل حتى كتب عند الله كذاب

@mar3e [5]: Morsi lies in Egypt and also lies in Germany. He will continue to lie and lie and lie some more without any shame. He will be remembered as a liar

He adds:

مرسى فى المانيا يكذب ويقول : احترم حق الناس فى الاعتقاد !! وماذا عن البهائيين والشيعة فى مصر ، ممنوعين من ممارسة شعائرهم وبناء اماكن للعبادة

@mar3e [6]: Morsi in Germany lies and says: I respect the people's right to belief. What about the Bahais and Shia in Egypt who are prevented from practicising their religious rituals and opening places of worship?

Maree notes:

وجود مرسى فى السلطة أصبح خطر على الجميع بما فيه نفسه ، هو عاجز فعلا وجماعته فاشلة ، مصر ليست حقل تجارب يابشر

@mar3e [7]:The presence of Morsi in power has become a danger for everyone, including him. He is incapable and his [Muslim Brotherhood] is a failure. Egypt is not an experimental lab

And concludes:

اذا لم يستجيب مرسى لمطالب الشارع قبل يوم الجمعه سندم هو وجماعته ، ولن يكون هناك حلول وسط ، واسقاطة سيكون لا بديل عنه مهما كانت نتائج ذلك

@mar3e [8]: If Morsi doesn't respond to the demands of the street before Friday, he and his [Muslim Brotherhood] will regret it. There will be no more middle solutions and no choice but to oust him, no matter what the outcome is