Morsi Courts Merkel while Unrest Continues in Egypt

A Photoshopped picture of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi kissing German Chancellor Angela Merkel went viral, drawing ridicule from netizens, who criticised Morsi for traveling abroad at a time when his country was facing unrest. Online, Egyptians were quick to dismiss the photograph as unreal but were also dismissive of Morsi and his policies.

Eman Hashim writes:

دى يا جماعة الصورة الأصلية الى اتركب عليها وش #مرسى واتقال انه باسها.احنا مش طايقينه اه بس الكذب ده شغلة الاخوان

@EmanHashim: This is the original photograph that was Photoshopped with Morsi's face and where they said he kissed her. We don't like him but lying is the work of the [Muslim] Brotherhood.

She shares the real picture, which shows Merkel with French president Nicolas Sarkozi.

The Photoshopped picture of Morsi kissing Merkel that went viral

The Photoshopped picture of Morsi kissing Merkel that went viral

Belal Fadl notes:

صورة ميركل وهي بتبوس مرسي مضروبة ويتوقع صدور بيان عن ميركل تقول إنها ألمانية مؤمنة بالعلم ولا تؤمن بالنحس

@belalfadl: The photograph of Merkel kissing Morsi is fake and we expect a statement of Merkel saying that she is a German, who believes in science, and does not believe in bad luck

And Hatem Ghaleb says:

الراديو الألمانى بيتريقوا على مرسى وبيقولوا إنه للأسف هيضطر يقابل ست مش محجبة ويسمع رأيها النهاردة. ميركل. صباح الخير

@HFGhaleb: The German radio is making fun of Morsi and say that he would unfortunately have to meet a woman who doesn't wear that hijab and listen to her opinions. Good morning Merkel.

On YouTube, Alaa Ali posts a video with interviews of people from all walks of life criticising Morsi:

And on Twitter, Mohammed Maree elaborates more on why Morsi is not faring well. In a series of tweets, he says:

مرسى يكذب فى مصر ويكذب فى ألمانيا – سيظل يكذب ثم يكذب ثم يكذب دون خجل حتى كتب عند الله كذاب

@mar3e: Morsi lies in Egypt and also lies in Germany. He will continue to lie and lie and lie some more without any shame. He will be remembered as a liar

He adds:

مرسى فى المانيا يكذب ويقول : احترم حق الناس فى الاعتقاد !! وماذا عن البهائيين والشيعة فى مصر ، ممنوعين من ممارسة شعائرهم وبناء اماكن للعبادة

@mar3e: Morsi in Germany lies and says: I respect the people's right to belief. What about the Bahais and Shia in Egypt who are prevented from practicising their religious rituals and opening places of worship?

Maree notes:

وجود مرسى فى السلطة أصبح خطر على الجميع بما فيه نفسه ، هو عاجز فعلا وجماعته فاشلة ، مصر ليست حقل تجارب يابشر

@mar3e:The presence of Morsi in power has become a danger for everyone, including him. He is incapable and his [Muslim Brotherhood] is a failure. Egypt is not an experimental lab

And concludes:

اذا لم يستجيب مرسى لمطالب الشارع قبل يوم الجمعه سندم هو وجماعته ، ولن يكون هناك حلول وسط ، واسقاطة سيكون لا بديل عنه مهما كانت نتائج ذلك

@mar3e: If Morsi doesn't respond to the demands of the street before Friday, he and his [Muslim Brotherhood] will regret it. There will be no more middle solutions and no choice but to oust him, no matter what the outcome is

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