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Are Yemen Youth Marginalized in the National Dialogue?

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Yemen, Citizen Media, Politics, Youth

Global Leadership Awards Winner [1], Yemeni Journalist Shatha Al-Haraz  [2]comments through her blog [3], on the poor representation of the youth in the National Dialogue Conference.

اربعون مقعدا فقط هو نصيب الشباب المستقل في مؤتمر الحوار الوطني من اصل 565 مقعدا. لا تكفي!

حقيقة لا يعنيني العدد بقدر ما يعنيني قوة صوتهم و وضوح رؤيتهم في المؤتمر ففي نهايه المطاف شخصيه قياديه واضحه الرؤيه تقود جموع من الناس اذن فالعدد ليس معضله كبيرة و ان كان مجحفا

Forty seats only out of 565 is the share of independent youth in the National Dialogue conference. Not Enough! To tell you the truth, I don't really care about the number as much as I care about the power of their voice and the clarity of their vision in the conference. For, at the end, a leading personality with a clear vision can lead masses, so number is not a problem even though it is unfair.