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“We Are All Hazara” Protests Across Pakistan

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Thousands across various cities of Pakistan [1] and worldwide are showing solidarity with the Hazara Shia minority as their sit-in enters its second day [2] in the country's southwestern city, Quetta.

In icy rain and out in the open, hundreds of Hazara Shias are gathered at Alamdar Road, along with the coffins of their relatives, the victims of a twin-blast that claimed at least 82 lives [3] on January 10, 2013. They refuse to bury their dead until Quetta is put under army control.

We Are All Hazara 

screenshot of Pakistan Twitter trends, #WeAreAllHazara trending second on the list.

Since the Quetta sit-in the hash-tag “#WeAreAllHazara [4]” has been going on and off in Pakistan's Twitter trend list. Pakistani netizens have been showing solidarity with the Shia Hazara [1] minority regardless of their creed or background.

Hundreds of Pakistanis have been protesting [5] peacefully in different cities of Pakistan including, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore to show support to Shia Hazara community in Quetta, Alamdar Road.

Reactions on Twitter:

Syed Ali Raza Abidi (@abidifactor [6]): I am @ Karachi Press Club in solidarity with our #Hazara [7] brothers – Are you coming? #QuettaSitIn [8] #WeAreAllHazara [9] twitter.com/abidifactor/st… [10]

Ali Rahman (@Baahirezaman) [11]: A simple question… at #Karachi [12] Press Club #ShiaGenocide [13] #WeAreAllHazara [9] “Am I Next?” @beenasarwar [14] @anasmallick [15] twitter.com/Baahirezaman/s… [16]


Pakistani journalists shout slogans against the twin bombings in Quetta, during a protest in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Image by Rajput Yasir. Copyright Demotix (11/1/2013)

Adil Shahzeb (@adilshahzeb): [18] The no of Shia-Sunni protesters increasing despite freezing temp outside the Pak High Commission in #London [19] #Shiakillings [20]#WeAllAreHazara [21]

PTI (@PTIofficial): [22] Our hearts weep with Hazaras. Those who can, join them in Sit-In @ Alamdar Road #Quetta [23] #WeAreAllHazara [9] #ShiaGenocide [13] twitter.com/PTIofficial/st… [24]

Syed Jalal Hussain (@jalalhussain) [25]: #WeAreAllHazara [9] Protest in Lahore taking place right now. Not a bad turnout. yfrog.com/ocqsytfj [26]

Abdul Nishapuri (@AbdulNishapuri): [27] Replug: Thousands of Shia Muslims in Lucknow India stage rally against #ShiaGenocide [13] in Pakistan shar.es/4wHrG [28] #WeAreAllHazara [9]

Shia Hazaras’ demand 

Braving the chilly sub-zero temperature, the participants of the Quetta sit-in have been refusing to bury the dead bodies [29] of their loved ones unless they received assurance that the state would protect them and their demands are considered. The protesters have ‘vowed’, they will not leave until authorities agree to put the security and administration of the city under army control.


Islamabad braves the cold overnight to show solidarity with their brothers and sisters at Alamdar Road. Image courtesy Hassan Bilal Zaidi.

A local Shia party official Hashim Mousawi says [2]:

 The government machinery has failed, there is no protection for people in Quetta. We will not end our protest until we get an assurance that the Pakistan army will take over security and administrative control in Quetta.

However, a senior administration official Hashim Ghilzai claims [31] that, “We are trying to convince them to end the protest. We cannot offer them something which is not in our control.”

An online survey carried-out by a private news outlet, The Express Tribune [32], shows that from 1,952 voters 1,702 call for army intervention in the city [33].

Similarly, Hazara Democratic Party [34] also took out a protest rally in Quetta [2] against terrorist activities in the city, on Jan, 12. The rally took various roads and routes and concluded near the office of Inspector General Balochistan Police. The party chairman, Abdul Khaliq Hazara [35], has been on a hunger strike [36] since last night that will continue for 3 days.

Hazara Democratic Party members in the hunger strike camp. via HDP official Facebook page [37].

Negotiations aimed by Balochistan Governer Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi and Federal Minister Syed Khursheed Shah to convince the Hazara Shia protesters to call off their sit-in ended inconclusively [38] on January 12.

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan has announced that he will be joining the Quetta sit-in [39] on 13, Jan.

Marvi Sirmed(@marvisirmed): [40] Thanks IK. Respects. @imrankhanpti [41]. RT @raoo512 [42]: imran khan protesting at lahore against hazara kiling right now.going queta tomorrow:

Since 2001, Hazara Shia Muslims from Quetta — have routinely been targeted by militant groups [43].

Suggested hash-tags to follow the sit-ins on Twitter: #WeAreAllHazara [44] #ShiaGenocide [45] #Quetta [46] and #ImranAaRahaHai [47] [urdu] (Imran Khan is Coming).