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“We Cannot Do it Alone”, A Mayor's Plea for US Intervention in Mali

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Lawless and godless men — who hide behind Shariah and demands for Tuareg independence — are now beating and raping women and conscripting children to fight their “holy” war. And the greatest tragedy is that people are starting to get used to it [..] President Obama must not allow northern Mali to become a hotbed of terrorists and drug traffickers that poses a danger to the entire world. The United States has intervened in less dire situations. I call upon its conscience. Please help us get our families out of their wretched distress.

Oumou Sall Seck, mayor of Goundam, in northern Mali wrote about the need for the United States to intervene in Mali [1] in an op/ed for the NY Times. Dr Akory Ag Ikhnane disagrees and suggests that [2] a “military operation would quickly make all these movements forget their differences.”