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Female Yemeni Writer Harassed for “Disrespect of Religion”

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Yemen, Freedom of Speech, Religion, Women & Gender

Samia Al-Agbhari [1]

Samia Al-Agbhari..a Yemeni writer facing a propaganda attack. Photo shared by Afrah Nasser on Facebook

On Facebook, Yemeni blogger Afrah Nasser tackles the issue of restricting freedom of expression in her country and how a female writer is being harassed – allegedly for her disrespect of religion. She writes [2]:

Restricting freedom of expression in Yemen continue. Another writer in Yemen is facing a severe attack; slandering her and accusing her of disrespecting religion. One of the best female writers in Yemen, Samia AL-agbhari is facing a media propaganda attack and threatened for her brave stance.

During one of her recent public speeches she stated, “Yemen's fatal trio is, the Military, Religion, & Tribalism.” I don't just agree with her statement, she has also my greatest solidarity. I'm sure she will stand firm and solid, but I'm concerned about her safety afterwards.

Almost this time of the year, last year, Boushra al-Maqtary faced and still faces the same issue. As I met Boushra one month ago, I can firmly say, the more those frantic religious figures fight writers, the more determined and stronger we be. True writers are worriers. When will they get it!