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Assad's Delusional #DonkeySpeech Scorned

Written by Amira Al Hussaini On 7 January 2013 @ 22:31 pm | No Comments

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This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011/12 [1].

Bashar Al Assad's latest speech, 21 months into Syria's uprising, drew scorn from netizens around the world. Many are also dismayed that not much is being done to alleviate the suffering of Syrians. Around 60,000 people have reportedly been killed, food and fuel are scarce and millions are homeless, either internally displaced by the crisis or living in refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

On Twitter, many reacted to his speech as he was speaking under the amusing hashtag #DonkeySpeech [2].

Saudi Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saeed jokes:

@LoveLiberty: [3] #DonkeySpeech I disagree with this hashtag. I believe it violates the rights of this peaceful and obedient animal, adding to it's misery

A sign in Damascus [4]

A sign in Yabroud, Damascus suburbs: “I don't care if you support or oppose [Assad]. Respect yourself by respecting me.” Photograph shared by @Basma_ [4] on Twitter

As Assad wrapped up his speech, Abdullah reacts:

@SyrianSmurf [5]: That scene towards the end of Animal Farm when the Pigs are speaking and the sheep clap comes to mind… #DonkeySpeech

The 47th adds:

@THE_47th [6]: As he finished his speech, the sheep around him all chanted in one voice: “Shabbeeha [thugs], forever.. Just for you.. Al Assad” #DonkeySpeech

And Bedouinocracy notes:

@Bedouinocracy [7]: This speech alone is enough reason for revolution.

According to @RevolutionSyria, not much is being done to alleviate the suffering of Syrians.

@RevolutionSyria [8]: U.S. dismisses latest overture from #Syria’s Assad, while Assad continues to dismiss the whole world for just talking & doing nothing!!!

The 47th shares similar sentiments. He replies to US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice's comment on the speech as follows:

@THE_47th [9]: So was your administration's policy Re: Syria RT @AmbassadorRice [10]: Assad's speech today was delusional & utterly meaningless.

Back to Assad, Karl Sharro sarcastically notes:

@KarlreMarks: [11] The presidency has a sentimental value for Bashar al-Assad, it was left to him by his father. That's why he won't give it up easily. #Syria

And journalist Dan Murphy concludes:

@bungdan [12]: I have little doubt that Assad believes what he says he believes. The bubble these folks live in is powerful. L'etat et moi.

Dalia Ezzat has compiled a Storify of highlights of the speech here [13] and Trad Ruslan shares more netizen reactions to the speech here [14].

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011/12 [1].

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