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Australia: UFO Sparks War of Words

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There is nothing like an extraterrestrials sighting to stir the twitterverse. On January 4, 2013 Australian Cricketer Shane Warne [1] was probably doing his mates at Channel 9 a favour when he tweeted:

‏@warne888 [2]: If you are in Australia or can get to a computer please tune into CH 9 as coming up in a few mins, footage of UFO's caught on film !!!!

You can view the video here [3] courtesy of the Townsville Bulletin.

Warnie received lots of replies. It is hard to tell which ones are in jest at times.

Since the video was supposed to have been taken In Cardwell, Queensland, this UFO twitter search [4] is within 2000km of Brisbane.

Greg Piper MP [5], a New South Wales parliamentarian, plays a skeptical tune:

‏@GregPiperMP [6]: It's a mystery to me but why do UFO pilots need their lights on? #qld_ufo

He is also prepared to place the blame on the Queensland government:

@GregPiperMP: QLD UFO sightings likely to be aliens leaving as can't cope with LNP government. #qld_ufo

He might have struck a different note if the sighting was in his electorate.

Shaun Moran [7] sees the funny side:

‏@shaunmoran [8]: “I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords” news.com.au/national/ufo-c…

On the other hand, Paul Salanitri [9] takes a purely astronomical approach:

‏@Paul_Salanitri [10]: @warne888 either satellites or planets; need date,time to determine which. To see a “UFO” tonight in Brisbane, look North East @ 7:20-7:26pm

A conversation started between Peter Dyke [11] and Vanstrider17 [12]:

‏@PeterPyke [13]: It's official: “UFO caught on video at Cardwell in north Queensland.” We are not alone. couriermail.com.au/news/national/… @couriermail

@Vanstrider17 [14]: @Peter Dyke [11] @couriermail [15] wooh! UFOS! great! it might take a UFO invasion for the human race to get along.. maybe thats our cure?

‏@PeterPyke [16]: @Vanstrider17 [12] Thr is a #Prediction [17] that NWO will mount a global scam of a ‘UFO invasion’ to finally implement the One World Govt they plan.

The New World Order remark is probably tongue-in-cheek but you can never be sure with UFO discussions.

There was an international audience as well as befits a possible War of the Worlds II.

ActusNews (Australia) [18] who lives in Sydney, tweets news about Oz for Japanese readers:

‏@ActusNews [19]: ACTUS NEWS : オーストラリアでまたまたUFO出現か?(動画あり) http://actusnews.net/archives/4371409.html [20]

@ActusNews [21]: UFO or appearance once again in Australia: ACTUS NEWS? (With video) http://actusnews.Net/archives/4371409.html [21]

In Pakistan, cricket tragic (and Global Voices author) FK [22] was challenging the skeptics:

‏@faisalkapadia [23]: I wonder about the arrogance of ppl who laugh at ufos… How arrogant is it to assume u are the only sentient beings

UFO stories are popular in Australia. There is even a roadhouse in the Northern Territory:

Wycliffe Well Roadhouse NT – Courtesy: flickr user tm-tm

Anyway H.G. Wells, author of The War of the Worlds, [24] must be turning over in his grave – unless he was beamed up by aliens.