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Taliban Commander Maulvi Nazir Killed As US Drone Strikes

Written by Jehan Naseem On 3 January 2013 @ 8:40 am | 1 Comment

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According to reports [1] a leading militant of the Taliban Maulvi Nazir [2] has been killed by an American drone strike. This has caused apprehension on the social media site Twitter and blogs; about how Pakistan's citizens and military forces may react to this news.

The News Tribe Blog [3] reports that his vehicle was targeted:

Peshawar: Key Taliban commander Mullah Nazir was among five others killed in a US drone strike North Waziristan Agency of Pakistan’s north western tribal region during Wednesday-Thursday midnight.

Adil Shahzeb confirms it:

@adilshahzeb (Adil Shahzeb): [4] “Maulvi Nazir was killed in Angor Adda in South Waziristan”.”We heard announcements on mosque loudspeakers announcing Nazir's death”

Omar Quarishi, journalist and editor at the Express Tribune opines:

@omar_quraishi (Omar R quraishi): [5] Would be fair to assume that the Pakistanis will be pissed as hell at the drone strike that killed Maulvi Nazir

@omar_quraishi (Omar R quraishi): [6] Maulvi Nazir signed a “peace deal” with Pak Army in 2006 – According to Saleem Shahzad he had property in Kandahar

Omar Waraich, another well-known Pakistani journalist tweeted:

@OmarWaraich (Omar Waraich): [7] Whoa. Mullah Nazir killed in drone strike. This is going to piss the Pakistan army off.

Following another tweet of his relating to the Pakistani Army's alliance:

@OmarWaraich (Omar Waraich): [8] Mullah Nazir had long enjoyed a non aggression pact with the Pakistan army. He was released from FC custody to take on Uzbek militants.

Ali Mustafa tweets:

@Ali_Mustafa (Ali Mustafa): The death of Maulvi Nazir can be the result of an understanding between Pakistan's military and the Americans – it can… http://lnkd.in/fiVxz7 [9]

On the other hand Asad Munir opines:

@asadmunir38 (Asad Munir): [10] As a reaction to death of Maulvi Nazir his followers likely to attack Army Posts/troops in Ahmedzai Wazir area of South Waziristan.

However, News Pakistan [11] reports in their blog:

Taliban have neither denied nor confirmed the reports.

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