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Celebrating 2012 with Global Voices

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As the year draws to a close, we’d like to express our gratitude for the hard work, creativity and care of so many in the Global Voices community. 2012 has been a year of tremendous growth and success for GV. Some highlights:

Our community has nearly doubled in size – GV now has over 700 authors and 600 translators volunteering; as many as 700 people contribute in a given month.

Applicants for Rising Voices [2] micro-grants in 2012 topped 1200, a nearly 50% increase over the 2011 figure. This increase is a strong acknowledgement of the impact that citizen’s voices and media are having everywhere, even in places that face material and social constraints to online participation.

We hit a record number of visits in a single day – 157,000!

GV’s biannual summit [3], held this year in Nairobi, Kenya was an event of unparalleled participation and energy, and helped us to set the course for GV’s future.

GV Advocacy’s [4] community has prospered, with new content, many new members, and a strong sense of purpose and mission going into 2013. GV Advocacy enters 2013 with a new director, Hisham Almiraat, building on the strong foundation laid by Sami Ben Gharbia.

The addition of Amharic [5] and Bulgarian [6] in 2012 brought the number of languages represented in GV’s Lingua [7] translation community to 35. Additionally, as our multilingual newsroom grows, dozens of posts each month are originally written in languages other than English.

While the numbers may reflect the facts of Global Voices’ impacts, we really want to celebrate and thank the volunteers who together make GV such an energetic and trusting community. We wish we had room to post images of everybody, but there are so many of us!

Happy New Year!

Georgia Popplewell and Ivan Sigal

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