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Balochistan Gets a Military Operation On Christmas Eve

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The Pakistan army has launched a military operation in the Awaran district of Balochistan [1] on Christmas Eve. Apparently the operation was targeting the Tehsil Mashkai of separatist leader Dr. Allah Nazar’s [2] home in Mahi village.

Let us build Pakistan [3](LUBP) blogs:

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch family was specifically targeted in the action. His aged mother along with other family members mostly women and children are injured. Homes of Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, his brother Safar Khan Baloch along with dozens of other homes are arsoned after looting. They have taken away Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, brother-in-Laws Shah Baig Baloch and Naeem Baloch with many Baloch youngsters.


Protesters demonstrating near 10 Downing Street. Image by Ruth Whitworth. Copyright Demotix (30/8/2012)

Tarek Fatah [5]tweets:

According to the Baloch twitterati, the 72-hour long military action targeted the civilian population. The memorial account of Baloch independence icon Balaach Marri [8] continued tweeting the updates on the military operation and death toll. Balaach was killed in a military operation in 2007.


Let us build Pakistan [15] blogs:

„Mainstream media is busy airing stories on singer Annie domestic issues with her husbands. They know, it will cater more interest than any news about war ravaged Balochistan.”

The incomplete list of civilians killed in the operation is also shared on twitter [16].

There are few pictures circulated on social media [19] however the authenticity of these pictures are still not confirmed.

Photo by Sangat Baloch, used with permission

Photo by Sangat Baloch, used with permission

This is not the first military operation by the Pakistan army or the Frontier Corps in Balochistan. However, the Balochistan issue never gets much attention in the mainstream media and political discourse. Baloch twitterati mostly live in exile or tweet anonymously due to security reasons.