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Promoting Recycling in Macedonia

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Macedonia, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Environment, Ideas

The tree makers. Photo by @teksega [1], used with permission.

Continuing the tradition that started last year (en [2], mk [3], nl [4], es [5]), the Macedonian Twitter community has erected a new Christmas Tree made of plastic bottles (mk [6], mk [7], photos 1 [8], 2 [9], 3 [10]) in Skopje City Park in order to raise awareness of the importance of recycling. The event was again organized around the hashtag #елкамк [11] (Macedonian for ‘fir tree mk’) and open source instructions [12] [mk], announced [13] [mk] three weeks in advance by several bloggers. The tree will be purchased by a local recycling company and the money donated to charity.