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Chinese Youth Association of France Sues Magazine for Racial Defamation

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We are flabbergasted that the (French magazine) Le Point would stigmatize in such manner a category of the French population in the article “The intriguing success of Chinese people in France” [..] No, not all Chinese Frenchmen are criminals. No, not all Chinese Frenchwomen are prostitutes. They are french citizens like any other citizens.

The Chinese Youth Association of France [1] via its representative Sacha Lin is suing French Magazine Le Point  [2][fr] for racial defamation in an article [3] [fr] published on August 22, 2012. The article depicts Chinese entrepreneurs with clichés such as: “a Chinese entrepreneur will not pay its employees because they are members of his family”. Le Point director F-O Giesbert claims that the article was meant to be humorous [4] [fr].