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Hungarian Blogger Leaks Secret Video on Illegal Voter Database

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Hungary, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Elections, Freedom of Speech, Law, Politics

Gery Greyhound published a documentary [1] [hu] on his Tumblr blog, about the ‘making of’ an illegal voter database [2] in Pécs [3] in 2009, when the city held a mid-term mayoral election. A similar leak took place in 2010, when a voice recording of Fidesz party director Gábor Kubatov was published online, revealing that the party had a registry [4] of voting preferences of tens of thousands of voters. The case was referred to as the “Kubatov list.” Mr. Kubatov also appears in the current documentary, which was allegedly published by a person who participated in the production of the video meant for internal circulation.