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Still Shaking from Kim Kardashian's Bahrain Trip

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American socialite and reality show celebrity Kim Kardashian's trip to Bahrain [1] is still making the rounds on news – and social media.

In a series of tweets, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof makes it clear how unhappy he is to be denied a visa to visit Bahrain, where Kardashian was invited to open a milkshake shop on December 1.

He tweets:

@NickKristof [2]: Kim Kardashian says everybody should visit #Bahrain http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2012/12/03/why-people-are-so-upset-about-kim-kardashians-odd-visit-to-bahrain/ … But repressive Bahrain now denies me a visa.

And he jokes:

@NickKristof [3]: Maybe I'll try to sneak into #Bahrain disguised as Kardashian's long-lost brother. Or as a US weapons salesman.

And the joke takes a life of its own, when others join in:

@NickKristof [4]: Or as a giant tear gas canister? RT @acarvin: [5] @NickKristof Dress up as a tall, delicious milkshake and you'll be just fine.

Several media channels commented on the trip, sparking the amusement of Bahraini netizens. Many are amazed how the news of a television star traveling to a country with unrest takes more headline space than people being killed across the region.

Marwan Bishara tweets:

@marwanbishara: [6] stop hassling kim #kardashian re #Israel, #Palestine #Bahrain (prettiest place on earth) Awaiting her tweet on #Syria, #Milkshake for all

Bahraini cartoonist Ali Albazzaz [7] tweeted this picture:


“Kim Kardashian in Bahrain” a cartoon by Ali Albazzaz [7]

And 3yosh [9] tweeted a picture [10]blaming traffic on King Fahad Causeway, which links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, on Kardashian's visit to Bahrain:


Traffic at King Fahad causeway photograph shared by @3yosh

جسر البحرين زحمممة

@3yosh [9]: The Bahrain causeway is congested