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“Romania’s Non-Election”

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Romania, Elections, Ethnicity & Race, Governance, Law, Politics

Romania's general election is scheduled to take place on Dec. 9 [1]. Bucharest Life notes [2] that “this has been the most lacklustre Romanian election campaign since 1990″ and that “it’s not the outcome of the election that we need to pay attention to, it’s the outcome of the outcome”:

[…] Given how boring the campaign itself has been, the week or two after the election could be fun.

The Economist's Eastern Approaches highlights [3] the campaign of Iulian Craciun:

[…] If elected on December 9th, the 34-year old IT expert would be the first disabled person ever to enter the Romanian Parliament. […]

Csíkszereda Musings comments [4] on the ethnic Hungarian dimension of the election, and also warns that “the description of the likely-to-win USL coalition as ‘centre left'” should be taken “with a massive pinch of salt”:

[…] They've always been a bunch of corrupt socially illiberal populists at the best of times, but now they even include the loathesome racist homophobic bigot Gigi Becali under their banner. This is a man who would make Jean Marie le Pen look centrist. Any coalition with him in is NOT in any way left, centre left, or even centre anything. […]