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Everyone Wants to be the New Mexican President

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On December 1, 2012, Mexico got a new president; Enrique Peña Nieto was sworn in, bringing the PRI [1] –the party that ruled the country for more 70 years– back to power after 12 years of the PAN [2] party holding the presidency.

After several hours sharing mixed feelings and following the protests [3] [es] against the new president, netizens began using the hashtag #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] [es] (If I were president) to share their own views about the most pressing issues affecting the country.

Juls Caesars (@JulsCaesars [5]) [es], for example, expressed his concern about poverty in Mexico:

@JulsCaesars [6] :#SiYoFueraPresidente [4] en lugar de hacer una “guerra contra el Narcotrafico”, encabezaría una Guerra contra la Pobreza.

@JulsCaesars [6]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] (If I were president) instead of having a “War on Drugs” I would lead a “War against Poverty”

Adriana Llabres (@Adrillabres [7]) [es] said that her priority as president would be the ethical treatment of animals:

@Adrillabres [8]: #siyofuerapresidente [9] Pondría leyes muy severas a aquellos que maltratan a los animales. Tortura y carcel por abusivos.

@Adrillabres [8]: #siyofuerapresidente [9] (If I were president) I would implement very severe laws against those who mistreat animals. Torture and jail for them.

Enrique Peña Nieto meeting with now former President Felipe Calderón in September 2012. Photo by Flickr user Gobierno Federal (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) [10]

Enrique Peña Nieto meeting with now former President Felipe Calderón in September 2012. Photo by Flickr user Gobierno Federal (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Meanwhile, L. Fernando Rdz. (@BlackNahual [11]) [es] challenged the president's closeness to the Mexican people:

@BlackNahual [12]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] legitimo, festejaría con el pueblo.

@BlackNahual [12]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] (If I were president) a legitimate one, I would celebrate with the people

And Casablanca (@aalms [13]) [es] listed two important issues:

@aalms [14]: #siyofuerapresidente [9] EDUCACION y LIBERTAD DE EXPRESION para TODOS

@aalms [14]: #siyofuerapresidente [9] (If I were president) EDUCATION and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION for EVERYONE

Mafer Marin (@MaferMarin [15]) [es] referred to the few employment opportunities available for new University graduates:

@MaferMarin [15]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] los egresados de universidad tendrían más oportunidades de trabajo en sus áreas y no se exigiría “experiencia”.

@MaferMarin [15]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] (If I were president) college graduates would have more job opportunities in their areas and “experience” would not be required.

Maribel Rodriguez (@candyro8819 [16]) [es] criticized the corrupt governments that don't keep their promises:

@candyro8819 [16]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] no haría promesas al aire … ni mentiria por convivir … solo verdad y hechos…

@candyro8819 [16]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] (If I were president) I would not make fake promises…or lie just to coexist…only the truth and facts…

Alex Kuzado (@pormistuits [17]) [es] joked about the national beverage, Tequila, and San Lázaro, where the Chamber of Deputies is located and where Enrique Peña Nieto was sworn in as president:

@pormistuits [17]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] tequilas gratis en San Lázaro

@pormistuits [17]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] (If I were president) free tequilas in San Lázaro

Finally, Teacher R Valdes (@ricky_black [18]) [es] said the best way to govern is not with words but with actions:

@ricky_black [19]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] no me quejaria tanto de lo que hacen los demas, habria que dar un buen ejemplo de como hacer las cosas

@ricky_black [19]: #SiYoFueraPresidente [4] (If I were president) I would not complain so much about what others are doing, I would set a good example of how to do things

Mexicans also used the hashtags #CambioDeGobierno2012 [20] (change in government 2012), #MéxicoNoTienePresidente [21] (Mexico doesn't have a president), #transición2012 [22] (transition 2012), and #EPN [23] (for Enrique Peña Nieto's initials) to share reports and express their thoughts throughout the day.