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Peru: “Iquitos needs fast Internet. Help!”

Categories: Latin America, Peru, Citizen Media, Development, Technology
"Iquitos needs fast Internet...HELP!" Photo shared by Patricia Vela on Facebook. [1]

Facebook campaign: “Iquitos needs fast Internet. HELP!” This photo, uploaded by Patricia Vela, has been shared over 600 times on Facebook.

Residents of Iquitos [2] have launched a Facebook [3] [es] and Twitter [4] [es] campaign with the message “Iquitos needs fast Internet. Help!”. Netizens are invited [5] [es] to share a photo with the campaign's message on Facebook, or tweet with the hashtag #SiIquitosTuvieraInternetVeloz [6] [es] (“If Iquitos had fast Internet”). The campaign –which was started by Alan Lozano, an economist from Iquitos– tries to raise awareness about the need to improve the precarious Internet connection [7] [es] available in Iquitos.