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Anti-mining Protesters Converge in Greece's Second Largest City

Categories: Western Europe, Canada, Greece, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Environment, Protest

Thessaloniki protest

Screenshot from protest video. Thessaloniki, Greece.

More than 6,500 protesters from around Northern Greece converged in Thessaloniki on Saturday, November 24, 2012 to warn the inhabitants of Greece's second largest city about the environmental fallout caused by gold mining.

Thessaloniki-based independent media collective Alterthess [1], as well as the Vancouver Media Collective [2] posted photos and videos (see above) of the event. Monthly protest-promenades, often met with police brutality [3], are organized by Hellenic Mining Watch [4] activists in the primeval forest of Skouries, which is threatened by mining operations conducted by a subsidiary of the Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold company. Photojournalist Alexandros Michailidis posted more photos of the protest on Demotix [5].