Mistresses – China's New Corruption Warriors

A key consensus reached during the 18th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party in early November 2012, was the battle against corruption. In the past week, two corruption cases have been exposed, not by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China (CCP), but by the mistresses or second wives of the corrupted officials.

Two recent sex scandals

The first case involves a district official in Chongqing Municipality, Lei Zhengfu, who was sacked on November 23, after he was confirmed as the man featuring in a sex video taken by his mistress and exposed online by Beijing micro-blogger Ji Xuguang (紀許光).

Wang uploaded her press card in Weibo to prove that she is determined to expose the corruption case with her real identity.

Wang uploaded her press card in Weibo to prove that she is determined to expose the corruption case with her real identity.

The second case involves a CCP member and civil servant in Heilongjiang, Sun Dejiang (孫德江), exposed by the reporter Wang Dechun (王德春), the victim of Sun's sexual coercion. The case is now under investigation.

The fact that a large number of corruption cases in China have been exposed through sex videotapes by mistresses or second wives and netizens’ collective human flesh search efforts, have prompted a lot of discussion online.

Some praise the mistresses for standing up against corruption, whilst some criticize the CCP and the government for not taking the leading role to fight corruption.

Co-relation between mistress and corruption

Blogger and news commentator, Feng Qingyang, wrote a recent post [zh] about the background of the phenomena:


We have to admit that in all these years, the second wives have become the deadly weapon against corrupt officials. So far numerous corruption cases have been exposed by second wives. Or we can say that 99% of the corrupt officials have second wives. Statistics show that among the corruption cases from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, 100% have second wives. So the army of mistress and second wives has a lot of potential in fighting against corruption in China.


The reason why the second wives are powerful in anti-corruption is because they have witnessed and therefore understood their sin. Once their relationship with the officials ended badly, they are in control of very solid evidence of the officials’ corruption. The situation is like the [ancient Greek] city of Troy – an internal battle is best to attack a castle.


Having mistresses and second wives has become a habit and fashion amongst corrupt officials. “Only losers do not have mistresses, key figures have 2-3 mistresses, animals have 5-6 mistresses.” Ordinary people have captured the lifestyle of corrupt officials in simple fashion saying: “In the morning busy with the wheels (going to the outskirt of the city for work), at noon time busy with the dishes (reception), in the afternoon busy with the table (playing mahjong], at night busy with skirts (dancing).” “Cigarette is gift, wine is tribute, salary unspent (bonus is enough for daily expenditure), wife is of no use (as they have second wife).” “Three happy moments among government officials: promotion, unexpected wealth, dead wife”. Everyone knows the implications of the jokes.

Quite a number of micro-bloggers echoed Feng's observation, for example Disappointed table lamp [zh] said:


Some are exposed by the second wife, some by the mistress. Anti-corruption through second wife and mistress have become a very powerful and interesting model in monitoring the authorities.

What about woman's dignity?

On the other hand, news commentator Wang Pang [zh] pointed out that the discussion about anti-corruption mistresses is a further victimization of the women who have been sexually abused by corrupted officials:


The women were forced into second wives and now they are forced into the position of ground army. They have lost their dignity once by being a mistress, and now they lose it again. If all the government officials disclose their property and wealth, they won't be able to coerce women into being second wives and we don't need to depend on second wives to fight corruption. Women don't need to lose their dignity twice. What's more important of people's dignity? If we are to let people live in dignity, the government officials should disclose their property for public monitor.

Looking for big brother also complained [zh] about the missing CCP effort in leading the anti-corruption campaign:


We have anti-corruption thief, diary, second wife, prostitute, Weibo, construction companies… but yet to see relevant sector [CCP] fighting against corruption.

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