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Blogirame Award Distinguishes Macedonia's Top Bloggers and Twitter Users

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Macedonia, Citizen Media, Ideas

Macedonian blog aggregator Blogirame [“We blog”] published the results [1] [mk] of their first annual awards, as well as videos [2] [mk] from the ceremony held on November 23, 2012.

According to the popular vote:

(Video by @banekoma [10].)

Winners in the top Twitter categories include:


Angela/@RumShtangla showing her three awards. Used with permission.

The top hashtag for 2012 is #ЗдравоБоби [21] (Hello Bobi). JovanaTozija explained [22] [mk] that unlike the lucrative motives of the past, now all you need to connect with fashion icon “is Twitter and a publicly expressed wish for sexual relation.” The meme started very innocently, when Bobi praised a “phenomenally beautiful” top model to the point of inviting her to become a mother to his child. She actually responded with a photo greeting [23].

The point of this viral campaign–or “successful trolling project” according [24] [mk] to RubinBT–was to “show the power of the social media to get a response by a celebrity soul-mate,” as Nixon, Inc elaborated [25] [mk].

The top tweet [26] for 2012 is by Ina…

“You can freely have fun at my account, it has been blocked!”